The dispute:

Important Dates:

The authenticity of dates and episodes below have been confirmed by Mr. Stephan Meiners, Head of eCommerce, Kampmann GmbH & Co.
An email was sent October 5th 2022 for verification of 14 documents, most of them listed in the timeline below.
Mr. Stephan Meiners confirmed October 10th 2022 the authenticity of the 14 documents. But the answer was in Danish?

Date:........Person/Company:Episodes:Price €:
1972Kampmann GmbHCompany founded
1996.10.17Mads RosentoftRegistration of domain:
2003.10.17Kampmann.com7 years birthday??.???
1. ROUND??.???
2004.01.15Sven Becker1. Offer300.-
2004.02.23Sven Becker2. Offer1.500,-
2013.10.17Kampmann.com17 years birthday??.???
2. ROUND??.???
2013.10.23Sven Becker3. Offer1.500,-
2013.11.25Mads RosentoftMy 1. Offer to ....10.000,-
2013.11.27Sven BeckerLimited budget:3.000,-
3. ROUND??.???
2014.04.24Rechtsanwälte Kopp und PartnerComplaint to WIPO??.???
2014.05.02WIPODomain Dispute
2014.05.22Mads Rosentoft & PartnerDomain Defense??.???
2014.05.28WIPONotification of panel
2014.06.16WIPONotificantion of decision
2014.06.17WIPOSigned Decision
2014.08.08Mads RosentoftMail to WIPO: Unlock the domain
2014.08.11TierraNetYour domain has been Unlocked??.???
2015.10.17Kampmann.com19 years birthday??.???
4. ROUND??.???
2016.02.23Sven Becker4. Offer8.000,-
2016.02.25Hendrik KampmannYears ago I agreed to spent 4.000€ for
We won't bother you again.
2021.10.17Kampmann.com25 years birthday??.???
5. ROUND??.???
2022.09.19TierraNetInquiry regarding one of your domains.
2022.09.20Stephan Meiners, Kampmann GmbHPhonecall - 14 min.
2022.09.20Stephan Meiners, Kampmann GmbHEmail according to phonecall
2022.09.21Stephan Meiners, Kampmann GmbHWe are currently in the process of evaluating the price of the domain “”, so that we have a rough idea how the price can be set in a way that is acceptable for both parties.
2022.09.29Stephan Meiners, Kampmann GmbHPhonecall - 14 min.
2022.09.29Stephan Meiners, Kampmann GmbH5. Offer: We are offering you for giving up/selling the domain “” a price of: 12,000 € 12.000,-
2022.10.12Stephan Meiners, Kampmann GmbHConfirminig the Timeline in schedule with important documents - Answer in Danish???
2022.10.17Kampmann.com26 yrs birthday??.???