Kampmann.com case

How an interest for the domain Kampmann.com have developed over 20 years.

The purpose of this documentation is not to judge the people of the company Kampmann GmbH,
but only to question why so many people have spent so much time and money on – getting nowhere?

January 15th 2024 it is 20 years ago that the first offer came from the company Kampmann GmbH.
Many things have happened in that period, and some of it you can see from the timeline below.

Important headlines have been highlighted with bold and underscore, and with links to important documents.

The authenticity of dates and episodes below have been confirmed by Mr. Stephan Meiners, Head of eCommerce, Kampmann GmbH & Co.
An email was sent October 5th 2022 for verification of 14 documents, most of them listed in the timeline below.
Mr. Stephan Meiners confirmed October 10th 2022 the authenticity of the 14 documents. But the answer was in Danish?

Date:........Person/Company:Episodes:Price €:
1972Kampmann GmbHCompany founded
1996.10.17Mads RosentoftRegistrationdate of the domain:
2003.10.17Kampmann.com7 years birthday
2004.01.15Sven Becker1. Offer300,-
2004.02.23Sven Becker2. Offer1.500,-
2013.10.17Kampmann.com17 years birthday
2013.10.23Sven Becker3. Offer1.500,-
2013.11.25Mads RosentoftOffer to Sven Becker/Kampmann Gmbh10.000,-
2013.11.27Sven BeckerLimited budget:3.000,-
2014.04.24Rechtsanwälte Kopp und PartnerThe Dispute re: Kampmann.com
2014.05.02WIPODomain Dispute
2014.05.22Mads Rosentoft & PartnerDomain Defense
2014.05.28WIPONotification of panel
2014.06.16WIPONotificantion of decision
2014.06.17WIPOSigned decision from WIPO
As stated by the Respondent, the word “Kampmann” seems to be more well-known in Denmark, the home
country of the Respondent, as a common and historical surname. The Panel notes that “Kampmann” is also
the surname of the founder of the Complainant.

Thus the Panel concludes that the Complainant has failed to prove that the disputed domain name was
registered in bad faith.

As to use in bad faith, the Panel is not convinced by the Respondent’s arguments related to the use of
. The disputed domain name seems to have been used only to direct to the Respondent’s
main home page, informing of the Respondent’s services in general. This is however not per se bad faith use.

The Panel is neither convinced by the Complainant’s arguments that the Respondent’s offer to sell
for EUR10,000 shows bad faith use in this case.

As the Respondent has shown, the
Complainant is the one that has contacted the Respondent in this respect, and continuously for a long time.

A domain name holder is, in such situation, free to reply to the interested buyer with a specific price that is
suitable for the Respondent.

Therefore, the Panel herewith concludes that the Complainant has also failed to prove that the disputed domain name is being used in bad faith.

7. Decision

For the foregoing reasons, the Complaint is denied.

2014.08.08Mads RosentoftMail to WIPO: Unlock the domain
2014.08.11TierraNetYour domain has been Unlocked
2015.10.17Kampmann.com19 years birthday
2016.02.23Sven Becker4. Offer8.000,-
2016.02.25Hendrik Kampmann, CEO Kampmann GmbHYears ago I agreed to spent 4.000€ for kampmann.com
We won't bother you again.
Dear Mads,
thank you for letting me know about this ongoing process. I wasn't aware that our Marketing staff still tries to get
'kampmann.com' as one of our multiple domains.
To be honest, I don't understand why they need a domain for every single country we make business.
Years ago I agreed to spent 4.000€ for kampmann.com. I understand that this was no reasonable offer for you.
I fully agree that you don't want to deal with the same issue again and again.
I will instruct my employees and our provider to finally close this case. We won't bother you again.
best regards,
Hendrik Kampmann
2021.10.17Kampmann.com25 years birthday
2022.09.19TierraNetInquiry regarding one of your domains.
2022.09.20Stephan Meiners, Kampmann GmbHPhonecall - 14 min.
2022.09.20Stephan Meiners, Kampmann GmbHEmail according to phonecall
2022.09.21Stephan Meiners, Kampmann GmbHWe are currently in the process of evaluating the price of the domain “kampmann.com”, so that we have a rough idea how the price can be set in a way that is acceptable for both parties.
2022.09.29Stephan Meiners, Kampmann GmbHPhonecall - 14 min.
2022.09.29Stephan Meiners, Kampmann GmbH5. Offer: We are offering you for giving up/selling the domain “Kampmann.com” a price of: 12,000 € 12.000,-
2022.10.12Stephan Meiners, Kampmann GmbHConfirminig the Timeline in schedule with important documents - Answer in Danish???
2022.10.17Kampmann.com26 years birthday
2023.10.17Kampmann.com27 years birthday
2024.01.1520 years - since the first contact from Kampmann GmbH