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This is questions that Mr. Kampmann, CEO from Kampmann GmbH haven´t been willing to answer:

Dette er en tekst der skal vise, om jeg kan justere tekststørrelsen i de forskellige bloks/paragrafer

Dette er så et nyt afsnit der skal vise, om jeg kan ændre tekststørrelse i et afsnit og ikke over hele siden.

Why haven´t you registrered the domain: Kampmann.com – yourself – before I did?
In January 2004, Your first/1. offer came more than 7 years after my registration of the domain? Your first/1. offer was only on Euro: 300,- Does that reflect the kampmann.com domain value to you? I haven´t any product in my firm/on the shelfes, that that is only Euro: 300,- in value – have you?  
Your second/2. offer came 5 weeks after the first offer, and then the offer was Euro: 1.500,-
Does that now reflect the domain’s value to you?    
Your third/3. offer came nearly 10 years after the second offer, and the offer was still Euro 1.500,- Does that now reflect the domain’s value to you?    
In 2013 I gave Kampmann GmbH an counteroffer on Euro: 10.000,- , which I thought was a reasonable offer at that time – take into account the cost og time I had put into my Kampmann.com project. Why didn´t to see/understood, that was a very reasonable offer?
Mr. Becker, that acted in the name and on behalf of Kampmann responded with the message that he had a limit budget of Euro: 3.000,-. Is that correct, that the budget limit at that time was Euro: 3.000,-?
Who in the Kampmann GmbH is responsible for sending the Kampmann.com case to WIPO? The email I received from both Rechtsanwalt Hannes Albers albers@rae-kopp.de 24-04-2014 and WIPO 02-05-2014 consisted of the following:
How much money have Kampmann GmbH spent on the lawyer/attorney so far? Is it a common practice that you at Kampmann GmbH sent business associates to court when you can´t accept their prices? How many companies have you/Kampmann GmbH have to sent to court when you couldn´t accept their prices?
Did you know that the practice you use can be perceivced as the action: “Reverse Domain Hijacking”?     https://www.techopedia.com/definition/27968/reverse-domain-hijacking
Annex 2 isn´t not the whole correspondence between the parties.
Do your company/you have a problem with the past?
How much money do you thing you/Kampmann GmbH have cost Powernation ApS to defend our legal rights to the domain: kampmann.com ?
Time and money is 2 connected terms of the same side: We charge ourselves Euro: 200/hour – which can be in the same area as your lawyer. Mr. Albers.!
How much time have you spent internal in Kampmann GmbH during the years trying getting hold of the domain: kampmann.com, starting in 2004?
4 months after I received the Complaint from RA Hannes Albers I succeded unlocking the domain Kampmann.com from TierraNet´s staff.
For more than 4 months several people: Sven Becker, Udo Scheyk, Hannes Albers, probably you, people at WIPO and for sure me – been involved in this aggression with what outcome?: Cost at your side, Cost at WIPO and Cost at my side. And the domain: Kampmann.com is still in my possession. My best guess will be totally in the area of Euro 30.000,- for all involved parties!
In 2016 I got the 4. offer on Kampmann.com = 8.000,00 € – Sven Becker wrote:
“ I know that we are trying to buy this domain for a long time … but twelve years? Wow!”
“Ok, so let´s come to an end! I just spoke to our customer; he ist willing to pay EUR 8.000,-! Ok?”

Mr. Hendrik Kampmann, do you think – after what we have been through in 2014 – that I got the idea of who his customer are?
Your respond to my email 2016-02-25: Email enclosed

Dear Mads,
       thank you for letting me know about this ongoing process. I wasn’t aware that our Marketing staff still tries to get ‘kampmann.com’ as one of our multiple domains.

(A)  To be honest, I don’t understand why they need a domain for every single country we make business.
You´re right. You only need one/1 domain for all the countries:

(B)  Years ago I agreed to spent 4.000€ for kampmann.com. I understand that this was no reasonable offer for you.
So Mr. Becker is a little out of control, when he offered me : 8.000€ I fully agree that you don’t want to deal with the same issue again and again.

(C)  I will instruct my employees and our provider to finally close this case. We won’t bother you again. How do you think that you have succeeded with that?
 best regards,

     Hendrik Kampmann

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